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Brier Garage Doors | Would I ever want an open indication monitor?

Have you ever asked yourself this question: Would I ever want an open indication monitor?  It’s entirely possible that you haven’t, partially, I’m sure, because you’re not even sure what an open indication monitor is.

An explanation in brief

An open indication monitor is a very ingenious piece of equipment that informs you of whether or not your garage door has been left open.

Is this something you would or should want?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself in regards to this question; if you answer yes, you should definitely consider one:

  • Are you so busy that you often forget things?
  • Are you a forgetful person in general?
  • Do you have a lot of anxiety regarding the safety of your home?
  • Do you have forgetful children or family members?

So now ask yourself if you should get one installed.

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Brier Garage Doors | Emergency Service

Here at Brier Garage Doors we take pride in being able to offer you garage door services and repairs for no extra charge. Ever. We know how crazy important it is to have a working garage door and how much of a problem and safety issue it can be if it is broken. That is why we have technicians available to help in emergency situations at any time day or night. You can literally call us at 3am and we will get someone to you and you’ll still only be charged the amount of the regular service and repair.

If you find yourself in a garage door bind please don’t freak out, just give us a call.

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Brier Garage Doors | When are DIY repairs okay?

A lot of homeowners like to get their hands dirty–  They like to take care of stuff around their home because it helps give them a sense of accomplishment when it comes to their home.  Sort of like they’re taking an active interest in the life of their home.

Is there a time when this sort of Fix it Felix Jr. behavior is bad?  There is.  When it comes to your garage door.  Your garage door, and related components, can actually be very dangerous, and should only be handled by experts that are carefully trained in how to take care of these precarious services.

Take springs for example.  They have enough potential energy to blow fatal injuries, and without the proper training, you would be subjecting yourself to that danger.  Rather than do that, leave it to the professionals!

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Brier Garage Doors | Spotlight on Screw Drive Openers

What sort of garage door opener is one of the best types around?  Screw drive, of course!  Of course, if you’re not a seasoned garage door expert, you may not know that, but here I’d like to take a moment to talk about some of the advantages that screw drive garage door openers have to offer:

  1. Very reliable.  Using a very simple screw drive system, this style of opener proves to be much more reliable, and last much longer than other styles of opener.
  2. Very quiet.  This is relative of course, because no garage door opener is silent; but when compared to the other styles of openers, a screw drive opener is like a library.
  3. Very quick.  Other styles of openers can sometimes have very long operation times, while screw drive openers operate very quickly.

Brier Screw Drive Openers

There are other minor advantages, but those are the three that you should concern yourself with.  Do you have a screw drive opener?  If not, are you considering one now?

Brier Garage Doors | Windows on your garage?

You might be wondering why you would actually take the effort or spend the money to install windows in your garage door. Windows can make a huge difference. The first and most important thing windows can do is add overall value to your home because they are a very marketable thing to have. They also save you money on your electric bill because they allow so much light into the garage that you don’t have turn the light on in there at all during the day. So in a way they save you money and can potentially make you money.

We love the way windows look and would be more than happy to go over the different options available.

Brier Garage Doors | Is It Necessary To Get Garage Door Insulation?

The garage doors play a very important role in a garage. They are the protective factors that help to keep out all the unwanted external items at bay. The doors ensure good safety and protection of the items that have been stored inside the garage like vehicles and others. There are two types of garage doors available these days. They come in insulated and non-insulated form respectively. Both these forms have their own individual benefits. But if you look closely at the features of each of these doors, then the insulated garage doors undisputedly come out to be the best. They are just perfect for use in garages at homes. If you haven’t yet got your garage door insulated till now, then you need act quickly. Get the doors insulated to ensure maximum protection of the items prevailing in your garage. The insulated doors offer quality benefits to the customer. Here’s a quick look at the benefits of garage door insulation.

High durability factor: Durability is an important factor when it comes to the features of insulated garage doors. The insulated garage doors have a high durability factor. These doors are not tampered or affected by various external factors. They work efficiently even in tough situations without suffering from any kind of damage. The high durability factor also contributes to less maintenance costs. You will not have to spend too much of money on the maintenance of these insulated garage doors. They will work well for a longer duration of time. Therefore, the high durability factor is a great benefit of using insulated doors for garages.

Strength: Strength has a significant role to play in the case of garage door insulation. The insulated garage doors are quite superior in terms of their overall strength than the non- insulated garage doors. They are made from good quality material which imparts good strength to the door. This strength enables the doors to neutralize the impact of rain, sun and even high pressure winds successfully.

Good quality protection: This is another vital benefit of using insulated garage doors. Insulated garage doors are capable enough to fight off against the effects of sunlight, rain and other external factors. They will help to keep all your items inside the garage safe and protected all the time during the day and night. Therefore, the insulated garage doors are an immediate necessity.

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Brier Garage Doors | 5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener may seem to be working just fine, however it’s important to replace your opener after a few years of wear and tear.  The latest models offer better features including security, noise reduction, and convenience.

Listed below are several reasons why installing a new garage door opener will be beneficial for your home.


Newer models offer two light sensors on either sides of the door, just above floor level.  This detects any object and keeps it from from getting hit when the garage doors are closing.  For instance, if a child or pet were running through the light beam—the garage doors would automatically stop and reverse once the motion detectors sense any movement.  This has been a requirement for garage door openers since 1993.  If your opener does not have this safety feature, it is highly recommended to obtain a newer model.

Noise Control

Older Garage Door Openers have a chain-like drive that tends to be noisy and disruptive.  They look similar to bicycle chains near the motor unit of the opener.  If you see this, consider replacing your garage door opener with a screw drive or belt drive.  You will be much more satisfied with the quieter levels of the newer models.


It’s important to invest in a quality garage door opener because the security of your home is on the line.  The latest openers have high security value that older models do not carry.  Valuables in your home should be protected, thus investing in a secure garage door opener should be a priority.

No Keys

The latest garage door models offer a wide range of key-less options.  Keypads are installed on the outside of your unit allowing you to enter your code to open the garage door.  There are some keypads that are actually fingerprint automated, allowing only the members of the household to enter.

Battery Backup

In case of emergencies like power outages, one of the biggest disadvantages is being unable to open the garage door.  With a new battery backup system, you will be able to access your garage whenever you lose electricity.

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